9 Types of Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Marketing strategies

1, Organize a pre-launch 

give away

If your are launching new product or service into the market, There are a few different unique and exciting ways you can introduce your brand to the world. One of those ways could be through a pre-launch giveaway or contest. Hosting a giveaway is a grate way to create a feeling of expectation and excitement around your new product, and you can start weeks or months in advance. This is also a grate way to generated content. You could do the giveaway or contest through social media, and come up with a unique competition. That can help your product go viral, like a fun TikTok challenge or Instagram giveaway.

2, Increase your organic


Getting your SEO on point is crucial, no matter if you're launching a new product are an established brand. Having a well positioned Website on Google gives you a steady base of traffic to show off your new product to. This can be beginning in your inbound marketing strategy for your new product, for your SEO to work, you need to give users information that will truly be useful to them. Focus on optimising three keyareas: Kaywords, Meta Discretion on all of your pages.

3, Create shareable content

Consistently creating content is one of the most reliable digital marketing strategies, especially in the long run invest time in creating a high quality blog that talk about you relevant topics in your industry that consumers will be interested in reading. Try to create content that directly answered a user's question. The goal is to get the users themselves to share your content, which will bring traffic to your website on a regular basics.

4, Take a change with


Not everyone will be ready to purchase the first time they hear about your product. Remember, your future customers different phases of the purchasing process. The good news is that you can nurture them over time using remarketing ads. Remarketing ads allow you to put your ads in front of different users while they browse online, often including products they've already looked at or even products they've placed in their cart. This is the grate opction for moving your potential customers down the funnel.

5, Create a recommendation 


Word of the mouth marketing is the best way to spread the news about the new product or service's. Users naturally talk to their friends about the products they use and recommend, everyone likes getting freebies, so try offering the discount, free shipping or cash back in exchange for users recommending your product to their friends. This is a popular tactic used on many apps.

6, Establish relationships 

with influencers

Influencers are the Kings and Queens of social media marketing. As experts in a given area or industry, they tend to have loyal audiences who are waiting and willing to follow their recommendations. Influencer marketing is the digital version of word of mouth marketing. To get bloggers and influencers to talk about your brand try to organize events and send free samples.

But remember, you can't buy an influencers opinions or recommendations.

7, Take care of your customer


Customers are now used to getting answers from companies 24hr a day, 7days a week. This means it's crucial to set up a system to help them whenever they need it. Customer service is one of the areas in which careful employee selection is most important.

8, Email marketing

Email marketing often gets a bad rep for being out of fashion, but the truth is it continues to be as effective as ever. And it's a pillar in a strong inbound marketing strategy.

9, Optimize your website 


Make sure your website is running at a top speed. A quick website improves user experience, brand perception, and helps with your SEO. Their are several things you can do to improve your websites loading times, but we recommend talking to expert because it can involve a bit of code and behind the scenes action. In the meantime, a quick fix could be ensuring your images are high enough quality to look clear, but are not huge files. The bigger the file size of your images, the slower your website will run.

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