What is Niche?

How to find niche?

Niche for blogging

The very first step to start your blogging or affiliate marketing career in NICHE.

What is NICHE?

Niche means a category.

A category where you can create content.

Once you start creating content in that category, you'll start seeing people reading your blogs.

..and very soon you'll start making money?

But the question is - How to find that niche?

How do I know that what should I write?

How will I find my magical niche?

Let's learn that in this email today.

You'll find your niche by exploring these 4 areas.

Your passion

Your interest

Your knowledge

Your skills

1. Your Passion

There might be something you are most passionate about. It might be watching Netflix movies, playing PubG game, reading more about stock or doing crypto trading.

We all are passionate about something. Just find your passion, start exploring and start writing content around that passion.

e.g Best fighting games for Android, best Netflix movies to watch with family

2. Your interest

Interest is different than passion. For example, watching a funny movie is my interest, but it's not my passion.

Eating non-spicy food is my interest, but it's not my passion.

So find the areas where you have some interest and start exploring those areas; there are chances that you'll find some niches there as well.

e.g How to install a WordPress, Best vegan diet to lose weight

3. Your knowledge

Knowledge is something that we acquire over time.

Taking my example, I became a father last year, and I collected so much knowledge by reading the blogs.

I have so much knowledge around this niche that I can start a blog around it now.

Second example is - Stock market.

In March 2020 crash, I started learning stock market and read so many blog, watched so many videos, and finally started investing.

With my knowledge, I can start a basic blog around the stock market too.

So explore your knowledge and see what can be done around that.

e.g Best stroller for babies, best soft shoes to kid, best stocks in buy after Corona pandemic

4. Your skills

We all have some skills.

Skills to help someone in trouble, skills to find best laptop or mobile phone. Skills to manage team, do coding, social media management, and many other things.

You can create a blog around those topics and start helping the world.

e.g Best social media management tools, how to create a loop in php, best team management softwares in 2021

I hope now you have learnt that how to find a niche.

It's not difficult if you are ready to spend your time.

Most people want quick answers; they email me and say, "TELL ME THE BEST NICHE."

See, I can't explore these 4 areas for you.

Only YOU know where you are best.

Do this task for yourself, and you'll find endless niches.

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