Blog Writing Tips

Blog post writing tips

 for beginner's 

Blogging writing tips

If you consider yourself a beginner writer and looking to improve your blog writing skills, I’m going to share 5blog writing tips that will help you write blog posts like a professional blogger.

1, Always start with writing 

an attractive blog title.

Your blog title is the first thing that people would read even before reading your blog post.  In fact, 8 out of 10 people would read your blog title first before deciding whether they would click to continue reading the rest of the blog article or not. Your blog title is so important that it can make or break your blog article.  Therefore, I highly recommend you to spend some time writing an  attractive title first before you start writing the rest of the blog content. Also, having a clear and catchy title ensures that the content in your article stays relevant and delivers the promise made through the title of your article.

2, Keep the introduction 

short and sweet.

No one likes big and bulky introductions. And even if you have got a catchy title that grabs   the reader’s attention, you still risk losing the reader’s attention if your intro is boring. The first paragraph or say the first 100 words are very crucial. If you have got a target keyword for your blog article, it’s the best idea to put  that keyword in the first 100 words to increase your chances of higher search engine rankings.

3, Always write in a

conversational tone.

The reason why people prefer reading blog articles is because of the fact that   blog articles are more conversational and interesting to read. And your goal should be to deliver exactly that. I often see many new bloggers making this common mistake  of not writing in a conversational tone, which makes the article boring.  My recommendation for any beginner blog writer would be: always write as if you are talking   to the reader. Use “I” and “you” to keep the readers engaged in the conversation.

4, Make the article easy

to consume.

Nowadays, most people don’t have enough time to read entire articles. Most of them want quick information. So, format your article in such a way that the readers can quickly skim through the article and easily find the information they are looking for. You may break the blog article into small sections called intro, body, and conclusion.   Further, break down the body part into small subsections called subheadings. Adding relevant images or videos can make your article even more interesting.  Further, you may use bold, italic, and other formatting options to make your article easily consumable.

5, Always end with a strong 

call to action.

Once you have delivered your promise in the body part of your article, don’t let the readers keep hanging and scratching their head on what to do next. Instead, conclude with a strong call to action that encourages the readers to take the next action instantly. Your call to action can be anything, it may be asking the reader to join your email list,   purchasing one of your products, or simply sharing the blog article and leaving a comment. 

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