Passive income ideas

6 Passive income ideas


Passive income

Have you ever wanted to make a living but felt like you didn't have enough money. 

I'll share 6 ideas for low income you can start.

1, Start a blog.

If you are a good writer or mediator. Starting a blog can be a great way to earn a living while starting a blog. 

It takes a good job before your content is online and you start earning within the Google search engine that will make money even if you continue publish content or not so you might be wondering how Blagh is making good money let me explain as your football gets the attention of ietraffic readers who will work with your site this could be by following interactive links and buying products you recommend to buy courses you build that help you just make money using.

Google Adsense What you can say about this non-monetary approach is that it takes a lot of effort especially in the beginning this is because in order to find yourself an onyour you will need to research the writing and marketing content Yours but like Isaid after content and live it will bring you money every month and some of the best startup blogs are low startup costs all over the required domain and web hosting are very similar to GoDaddy offers for $ 2.99 in your first year and less than $ 30 years two of the most time for your site to make money when it comes to web hosting this and it's not cheap you can get web hosting from Hostgator for less than $ 4a per month actually less than $ 50 per year maybe the first to make revenue can be yours by about $ 50 a year.

2, Sell an ebook.

If you like the idea of ​​writing but do not want to deal with the head of technology that can come with blogging think that self-publishing ebook ebook is often filtered out of ordinary books which puts a little burden on you to produce the best art and how it works.

How to make money can be if you have a computer then you are in a good position as all you need to publish your ebook is your name that contains our text and cover photo you can now get all your writing and drawings.

but if you you want to emphasize your book to get professional help can be very expensive for example you can get a professionalbook cover at Fiverr for just $ 5 and a test study can also be a reduced deal which means that for $ 50 you can create a legacy that can make you a permanent fund.

So let's say you want to try this business Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is probably the easiest platform in Publishing to take a few minutes and most ebooks from Kindlestores worldwide within one to two days with Amazon KDP you can earn up to 70% of your sales on individual sales to customers in many countries and you can quote and make changes to your book at any time. 

3, Sell online tutorial.

Information is a very valuable asset and one of the best ways to make the most of years of knowledge is the sale of digital products.

Such as online courses now you may think I don't know what to do Yes and don't worry general good news that there is sales for any any online knowledge product from web development courses producing or publishing opportunities is skilled in many areas where at least one of them can be used which creates the best that the cost of doing online courses are very low quality content containing audio slideshow or video maker video that can be done using your smartphone investing to start using this income stream to further.

Sell your studies kung more expensive and like most platformsexist where you can host y our course for free and we get a percentage of the profit when you make a sale for example if you hold your course to watch any sales you do using live site traffic will get you 50% tuition fee and if you can make your own sales' -97% of the purchase price so with your current computer and smartphone you can make a lot of money without a start-up.

4, Ad agency.

Thinks how many small businesses in your city are most likely to use social media to attract more clients or run more sales in the business for those who have a lot to have a regular.

Facebook page but that is not enough to spread the word in today's newsfeed where you can log in as a Facebook ad owner who owns the best parts about this business model The fact is that once you have an aclient advertising campaign and it works well there is very little work to do in your end without having to go into a minuteseach day is a reduced business model, 

So I still consider it idle after everything is initially set you can be a one-man agency or choose to expand as they are starting to serve many clients however little knowledge of learning the art and skill of Facebook ads is possible and may vary from many.

First level courses to YouTube even on sites like you to me you can find Facebook marketing courses for a small 15 dollars you see offering services like marketing -Facebook is profitable because you used to sell for dollars including a small amount of money before and open a brick and mortar store or create a body product so the facebook company can find it very common for Facebook experts to charge anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month perclient which is why it is one of my favorite ideas for earning money.

5, Build onlin Store by 


Explosion comes the opportunity to make the distribution of used revenue online store especially shipping has become known especially if you are unfamiliar with how it works to create an online store that offers products from individual manufacturers visit your site and order the product and your email system sends the order to a specific.

Manufacturer and fills the order by sending it directly to customers when you collect then profit is one of the great things about this type of business You don't need to order an order that is used to make very low cost if you have a little money to start with moreover setting up your own store can be very expensive and many retailers are lowering the news. 

Their on Shopify which charges only $ 30 per month much cheaper than thousands of dollars can cost to open a store and a city pillar in your city in a nutshell if you set your store up the rest can be fully automated which means you will be earning money no matter what the

6, Start a youtube channel.

Daily all people like you and me are making money on YouTube well you can use YouTube to pass the time or learn something new for most people YouTube is how they earn their life and most of this money comes from the one you see every time you watch a video one of your ads can also appear you can make money from these issues otherwise your viewers can buy your courses or affiliate products without any extra effort on your end after the video is released now the fact is that using the

YouTube channel is not something as natural as the audience builds take a steady toll on video production but as long as the released videos act as a digital asset that you accumulate and hopefully sell over time but suppose you rely on revenue to generate revenue what your leading stream might look like see a channel far from the average every month we get the owner over $ 10,000 in ad revenue alone now ofcourse this great channel and getting to this point will take time even though the smaller channel makes a few hundred dollars a month which is probably the best thing that starting a YouTube channel does not have to cost.


When you have 6 incoming ideas you can start with a small amount of money that will allow you to do money while you sleep.

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