Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

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I was born just like any other child. Everything about my life was planned by my old parents and the community. I had problems with it when I was 13 and began to wonder why Everyone wanted to be a worker. Needless to say I quit school In my part of the world quitting school means you are illiterate and healthy

One of the biggest lesson

The current school system is out of date because work time is no longer in the form. now if you are one of those who still serve the current school system kindly give me a moment as I would like to tell you a personal story that happened. I was studying accounting in school and I knew a lot of those very boring subjects In fact, I was the best student who could look at college depending on what part of the world. However one day I wondered why all my teachers were teaching me how to do accounting and no one was teaching me how to do it Soon after this time. I have separated from school because of our irreparable differences. Now let's be determined for a while. What if children are not considered financially? It would make sense that we all work for money for the rest of our lives without the knowledge of such an important tool for our existence.

The second important 

lesson for Rich Dad 

Poor Dad

School does not give you financial education and you have to educate yourself about money if you want to get rich Now what is financial education and how can you get it? Well a few days ago I was making a joke to my business team that you see I use the cheapest phone in this office because I am the poorest Do not deposit money into my bank account if you are like many people you can buy the most expensive TV set if you are like most people you can be the first to buy the latest -Apple or borrow money to buy a car Everything is good and good at least you look rich But there is a big difference between being rich and looking rich to poor people They like to look rich that's why they buy big loans to make them rich Rich people do the opposite of buying goods that bring money into their bank account. be the two misunderstandings here first. What is property? And what is debt in simple terms? Property is anything that gives you money why debts are those things that take money from you? A second misunderstanding but the rich buy the debt again. Isn't it? Yes, very bad debts, but let me explain when I first started investing in a car I remember the lesson I learned from Robert Kiyosaki so I decided to invest. I had saved up for a new business and had just started the explanation for this that I may not look rich for a while but when my business can generate enough money to buy such a car I will go to it. In this case. I really can't buy credit. My business will buy it That's it. Poor people buy debt with your own money Rich people buy debt on their property.

The third lesson in this book 

What is the most important financial education you can get that does not look rich and rich. Don't buy credit for goods So you can ask how I get the goods I need to invest in and what if I have no money at all? These two worries can be easily answered First you do not need money to invest or start a business This is probably the most controversial statement a person can make in my experience all you need to start a business or invest his courage and Education, I have never earned money when I started only two things financially I was able to start my own business with less than a hundred dollars and with an education I was able to raise thousands of dollars as I grew the game.

A fourth great lesson from 

this book 

You don't need money to make money you need courage and financial education Kindly, let us know in the comments if you have invested or started a business in the past with other people's money and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and turn to Notice because we will help you read all the best books in the world. many in this book can easily confuse people who spend their entire lives in school and work But they don't have it before I read your opinion in the comments. Let me answer these two questions. You may want to ask First how do I get financial education and secondly? How do I get courage? Let me use my experience to answer these questions first getting a financial education by reading hundreds of business and financial books and gaining courage by taking action.

The fifth most important 

lesson in Rich Dad Poor Dad

Read financial books.

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