Life Is Short - Live Every Day For God


 Life is short Live for God every day

• Time is short of what your life is like, even if it is smoke that appears at the time of the touch and then disappears If someone told Maine in the background. I was in my early twenties when life was so short and would pass like I would never have believed.

• And if I tell you that you just don't believe me even if I can't make young people know how fast life is but it looks like it was yesterday. The United States is known to be in a class where everyone is given an equal amount of time in your day for an average of fourteen minutes and forty minutes each day 168 hours per week. For seventy years God has allowed us and it is exciting to move on with all our life science. We did not pass that mark on the magic of the average male yankee now the days live seventy years and 4 months the normal years of a woman seventy-three years and six months more people live seventy years but the normal age of a related relative continues to be seventy years taught within the scriptures.

• What if you think you only have one short life to pay for and I will soon write down my priorities and commit myself to my priorities now it would be an acceptable time for things we tend to make sections we tend to take books to, scan a partner now family wants pay, write a long time now, write home now you wish to write the money you have, provide the current, time, of a classmate now the people who should testify to try to do it, now every time the clock rings, it seems to speak now these days if you do not hear his voice.

• There may be no future for you and in my name because there is a time warning. Time is running out for everyone, time is just too short to make a decision and procrastination doesn't stop between 2 ideas Fools say time is long. Every morning we have eight and a half seconds, 400 payments and speculation and every day a named bank opens an account to take your place and for me It allows no balance in overdrafts if you fail to spend time incurring losses on your bible says save time due to square times weights bad and and the days when we have a habit of squatting in the worst evil if there ever was a gospel time that could revive the heart of man yet the same savior as long as it is daytime, we have a habit that we should do the work of the one who sent North America.

• The world is coming back once and for all No one will work The night is back in your life. Unless there is peace in the work of the Lord the Savior it is the quality of life. Not just a tall savior who was thirty-three years old. And it ended on a cross to the planet He was not a failure yet that moment yet in the forefront of his life He is the same I have completed a task given to a thousand mines to try to do it No matter you live another year or 2 five years can be completed your work. Is there a higher quality available? Is there a commitment there to think that all our members have their time to witness for Christ as we have a habit of tithing our church finances? Fill your heart with the Word of God, I have found WHO | those people who see square documents measure those who have a center now for days but we want men and women to walk with God and if you do that you can just complete the work God has given you to try and make it easier for North America to appreciate the shortness and urgency of your time and if possible. .

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